Welcome to Die Boervrou!

I am so glad that you found my website and here on the homepage I will just quickly introduce myself and show you what I am doing.

My name is Mariette also known as Die Boervrou (which is Afrikaans for Farmers Wife)

I am a passionate crafter, a firm believer in quality over quantity and a very frugal person – not to be confused with stingy!

I have started my business to share my passion for making with the world.

In 2022 I have also started to add my designs as patterns and kits to the online shop. As I understand the importance of having some relaxing craft that you can do to fill up your mental cup and that feeling of creating something beautiful with your own hands is priceless.

There is now crochet patterns, knitting patterns and some crochet kits in the online shop for you to choose from.

I make use of the Courier Guy to send out your parcels to your door for your convenience.

I do still bake cookies, sourdough bread and sourdough rusks for my customers per request – if you are interested in that you are welcome to contact me.

Have a look at these kits in my online shop:

Image of three 50g Yarn Cake Cozies stacked
Yarn Cake Cozy – Kits

Heart Coaster – Kits

You can also have a look at these crochet and knitting patterns:

The Rustic Dishcloth in Ophelia Moya Cotton DK Yarn
Image of the 100 g Yarn Cake Cozy Pattern Cover Page

Here is a few recipes to cook or bake something delicious:

Crafty Stitches Podcast:

Bring your cuppa, project and join me every second Wednesday for an episode of the Crafty
Stitches Podcast where I share all the projects that I am working on!

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