Banana Bread

The taste of the banana bread will improve if it stands for two days (If you can wait that long!)

Banana Bread

Ingredients for the Banana Bread:

1/2 cup of Butter
1 cup of Sugar
2 Eggs
2 cups of Wheat Cake Flour
2 teaspoons of Baking Powder
4 Medium sized Bananas
1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence
1/2 teaspoon of Salt


  • Beat the butter and sugar together until creamy.
  • Add the vanilla essence.
  • Add the eggs one by one and beat well after each addition.
  • Sieve all the dry ingredients and add it to the butter mixture.
  • Peel the bananas and mash them with a fork, add it to the mixture.
  • Mix very well and add it to a prepared bread tin.
  • Bake for one hour at 180°C
  • To make sure that the banana bread is done pierce it with a cake tester and if it comes out clean – the bread ready
  • Let it sit in the pan for 5 minutes before taking it out of the pan and then place it on a wire rack to cool.
  • Let it cool completely before slicing.