Drying of Green Beans

I started by washing the green beans thoroughly and prepared it as I usaully do.

Voorbereide groenbone

After that, I added it to a pot with water and salt and cooked the beans until it was cooked but still firm. (It is very important to add salt to the water as it helps with preserving the food.)

After cooking the green beans, I strained it and let is sit for about half an hour to let most of the water drip out.

After that I spread the green beans on the shelves of the dehydrator and dried it completely.

Groenbone in droer

This process took two and a half days.

Gedroogde groenbone

The 300g green beans that I have dried now only weighs 20g.

I hope that this article will inspire you to dry your own green beans . Remember to always put your dried foods in a airtight container with a oxygen absorber to store them for a long period of time. I store mine in glass jars with a steel lid and a oxygen absorber in a cool, dry and dark place.

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