Drying of Bread

We usually have left over bread as we bake almost everyday and usually the leftovers is just too little to make a meal with it. So we decided to try dehydrating the bread to make breadcrumbs from it.

The bread was dried in my 12V dehydrator.

Brood in droer

I did make the mistake of cutting some slices a bit too thick and because of that the slices did not really dry consistently. The thicker slices took about three days to dry. I have learnt that you have to try and cut all the slices more or less the same thickness. The other possibility is that drying the bread would have been quicker if my dehydrator had a heat source.

Gedroogde brood

After the bread was completely dry, I used a small meat grinder to finely grind the bread into crumbs.


I store the bread crumbs in a airtight container until needed.

I use it in mealballs, fishcakes and even on top of baked dishes with butter and cheese to make a lovely crust.

I hope that this article inspires you to make your own breadcrumbs and would love to hear how found the process of dehydrating as well as how you used your breadcrumbs!

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