About me

I am so glad you found my website!

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Mariette (also known as Die Boervrou – which means Farmers Wife in Afrikaans)

I live in Gauteng province in South Africa on a farm.

As a means to support my family I started to sell ready made crafts in the form blankets, bookmarks, headbands, etc. and quickly realized that other people loved making as much as I do.

I then decided to start going in the direction of building skills by presenting classes to teach these skills to other people. I started to also sell some ready made treats in the online shop and in 2022 I decided to add some patterns to my online shop.

I do still bake cookies, sourdough rusks and sourdough breads for my customers and you are welcome to contact me – should you be interested in that.

I hope to build this online crafting community with you and that together we can decorate our homes and bodies with beautifully made items that we skillfully made together – with a delicious treat and drink of course!


Mariette Potgieter