Crochet Hook Roll

This crochet hook roll is designed by Dedri of

I saw a picture of this Crochet Hook Roll on facebook and went in search of the pattern.

I did crochet myself another crochet hook pouch, but the hooks that I made it for is uncomfortable to work with. The hooks also splits the yarn all the time and before you know it, I just leave the whole project.

In the meantime I have bought myself crochet hooks with rubber grips and because I crochet a LOT I don’t like the aluminium hooks that much as they hurt my hands especially when working with a thin 2mm hook.

I bought myself some of the Elle  crochet hooks with the rubber grips and the crochet hooks are just everywhere! When I saw this cute Crochet Hook Roll I immediately decided that I need one.

Mine is made from Elle Family Knit – Double Knit in Russet with a 3mm crochet hook. The 50g skein was just too little and I decided to crochet the edge and tht closure with Elle Pullskein – Double Knit in Gravel.

Here is the link to the free pattern:

Click here

I love this crochet hook roll especially because the whole thing is crocheted in one piece with minimal sewing – anything with minimal hand sewing is fantastic – I do not have a love relationship with my yarn needle!

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