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How to start knitting – Tutorial series for beginners

Where to begin?

So you want to knit but dont know where to start? The most important thing to keep in mind is to start small. It is just human to want to start knitting and make this gorgeous scarf or shawl that you saw on Pinterest, but lets be honest – you need to walk before you run and to learn to walk you first have to crawl… so always start small.

Start with a smaller project in mind

One of the best things about starting with a smaller project in mind is that you will have a finished object so much quicker! And what better to motivate you to get better at this newly learned skill, than a finished project?

I would always recommend to start with something simple, like a dishcloth with some knit and purl stitches because this will help you to learn 4 different things all at once!

You will need to learn the following techniques:

  • Cast on
  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Bind Off

That looks like a lot but don’t worry I got you covered! I made 4 free, easy to follow tutorials on YouTube to get you started:

What is next?

So now that you have watched the four tutorials you wonder what is next?

I also made a free YouTube tutorial for my pattern: The Rustic Dishcloth (You can buy the written pattern instructions as a pdf in my online shop or Ravelry store – if you want to support my work)

The Rustic Dishcloth is an excellent pattern to start with and will teach you all 4 of the techniques mentioned above. The bonus of this method of learning to knit is that you actually have a useful item at the end of it.

The Rustic Dishcloth also works as an excellent washcloth – for washing your face and/or body. I have knitted several of these as dishcloths and I also knitted one as a facecloth and seen other people also using them for facecloths!

I hope that you enjoy this little series of how to start knitting tutorial series for beginners.

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