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Tomato and Onion Sauce

Good day Readers,

We published this recipe in Afrikaans and a request was made for the recipe to be translated, so here goes:

This tomato and onion sauce recipe is one of my favorites to make. I like the fact that I can bottle this sauce and store it in the pantry so that I can use it as needed. This recipe makes about 1.8 litres of sauce.


The recipe:

500g Onions, finely chopped
2 kg Tomatoes, finely chopped
15 mℓ Dried Basil (or 30 mℓ fresh basil)
25 mℓ Sugar
2 mℓ Fine black pepper
10 mℓ Sea salt

Heat the onions with a little bit of oil in a big pot and cook until they are soft.
Add the tomatoes as well as all the rest of the ingredients and simmer for about an hour until the sauce is thick.
Bottle while hot using your preferred bottling method.
Remember to always label your bottles with the product name and date.



4 thoughts on “Tomato and Onion Sauce

  1. Thanks for the English version of this recipe Mariette. I saw the Afrikaans version first and still like to practise my translation skills although we left SA in 2001. We actually heard some Afrikaans spoken at my son’s church on Christmas Day and we introduced ourselves and had a good old “chinwag”. There are quite a few South Africans at that church and when the weather improves (hoping around May sometime?) we are all going to meet for a braai.
    In the meantime, all good wishes to you and your family for the New Year, with good health, happiness and prosperity to all.
    Jan T-T

    1. Good day Janet,
      I am glad that you found our website and this recipe.
      Happy New Year to you too!

  2. If you add oil to the recipe——–dan verhoog jy die oplosbaarheid van die likopeen in tamaties
    Likopeen is die kleurstof wat tamaties en waatlemoene rooi kleur. Dit is die sterkste anti-oksodant van al die karotenoiede. Dit kan blykbaar ook 10 keer meer beskerming teen kanker bied as beta-karoteen en is besonder doeltreffend teen bors-,long-,endometriale en .prostaatkanker (Nutrition and Cancer 1995, 24:257)

    1. Baie dankie vir die brokkie inligting Henk, dit klink baie interresant. Is dit ‘n spesifieke soort kook olie?

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