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Free Tunisian Crochet Honeycomb Stitch Scrappy Blanket Pattern!

I am so excited to share this tunisian crochet pattern with you! It is for the Tunisian Honeycomb Stitch worked with the join as you go method to make a beautiful blanket with your scrappy yarns and guess what? It is absolutely free on my YouTube channel! Click on the image to go to the YouTube Channel for the tutorial:

I was looking for a honeycomb stitch blanket pattern but I wanted to make it in blocks so that I can have a method of measuring my scraps to make a scrappy blanket. I made a Tunisian Crochet blanket before which was a Tunisian-a-long a few years ago. The blanket was designed to have a patchwork look but was worked with a few colours at a time and I wanted something simpler.

I love the honeycomb stitch because it lays flat whereas the Tunisian simple stitch usually have curly sides like stocking stitch in knitting. So I decided to make up my own method and after talking about the blanket on the Scrappy Sunday Chat – with Leanie of Independence Crochet (Video on the YouTube Channel) I decided to film a tutorial for this method and share it with all of you!

What can you expect from this tutorial?

In this tutorial I give you tips and tricks on how to substitute any scrappy yarns that you have to make these blocks, you don’t even have to make a blanket – you can make a scarf or a cushion cover – whatever you can use the blocks for.

I show how weave in my ends and even give a bonus tip on how to work away one of the ends while picking up stitches for the next block! Less ends to weave in – who doesn’t love that!

The tutorial for this tunisian crochet honeycomb stitch join as you go scrappy blanket is available in my YouTube channel and you are welcome to go there and check it out! Have I mentioned that it is free?

I added chapters to the tutorial as well so that you can easily skip to the part of the tutorial that you need to look at next. Please share your projects on social media and tag me, I would love to see them.

I hope that you enjoy this amazing tutorial and make many many scrappy tunisian crochet blankets!

Until next time – happy crafting!