Welcome at Die Boervrou

We are so excited that you came to visit us

We have decided to start this website a few years ago to share interesting and useful information with other people.
We are very excited to announce that it became more than just sharing of information!
For many years we did give people gifts and it gave us so much joy because the gifts were hand made. Sometimes crochet, sometimes knitted or sometimes just ingredients that were mixed by hand.
After many people told us to start to sell our products, we decided to start this online shop. It doesn't mean that we will not be sharing other information anymore! All the information is still here and available for your reading pleasure. We will still be sharing interesting information.

We are currently also busy translating the whole website into English. When a article is not translated yet the article will still be available but only in Afrikaans.

You can click here to visit the online shop. All sorts of handmade gifts and other goodies are available.

Click here for all the newest articles that was published

We hope that we will all be able to share information here for years to come!

Enjoy the website

Mariette & Leanie