Gehekelde Hartjie Sleutelhouer / Crocheted Heart Keychain


Gehekelde Hartjie Sleutelhouer

Crocheted Heart Keychain



Hierdie hartjie sleutelhouer is gehekel van katoen gare
Knope mag somtyds verskil

Grootte: Hartjie: 7cm breed

Lengte van sleutelhouer: 12.5cm

Let daarop dat die prys van die produk nie aflewering insluit nie. Afleweringskoste tot op 2 kg sal R99 wees.
Hierdie produk kan ook self afgehaal word. Datum sal gereël word wanneer bestelling verwerk word.

Geskatte aflewerings tyd: 1 – 2 weke

This heart keychain is crocheted from cotton yarn
Buttons may sometimes be different

Size: Heart: 7cm wide

Length of keychain: 12.5cm

Please note that the product price does not include delivery. Delivery cost for order up to 2 kg will be R99.
This product can also be collected. Date for collection will be arranged when order is processed.

Estimate delivery time: 1 – 2 weeks

Additional information

Weight .02 kg

Fuschia & Shamrock, Lipstick & Hazelnut, Lipstick & Turquoise, Mulberry & Hazelnut

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